About Me

Step into my world and delve into the life of an artist who thrives on defying the norms and embracing authenticity. Through the highs and lows, and navigating through various social groups, I've found the incredible power of art, shaping me into the person I am today. 

It is easy to notice how one knows very little about oneself. Our emotional self-awareness tends to come unnoticed. We don’t understand triggers, behavioural patterns, how we actually feel or felt and what further awaits from that reasoning. There are so many emotions which tend to be unrecognised and described as a good or bad feeling. I explore and with time notice the challenge to understand the actual felt emotion and on top of that answer to oneself why am I feeling it? Purely through this observation I challenge you to reason to what depth you know yourself. 

I imagine or take myself back to a situation and I analyse the emotions it brings up. I portray my vision through squares and/or cubes. Consequently I express myself through an abstract manner. Abstract art allows for free thought. It leaves space for the viewer to create something out of this world yet something so personal just like the reflections on our feelings and emotions. Abstract art is abstract thinking. It allows us to depart from reality. It forces us to think outside of the box and build a personal truth.

While analysing a state of mind I imagine a universe of infinite squares. Each square represents an emotion which patently has an effect on a feeling. All squares change under different circumstances. Each square affects squares around them, just as each emotions influences the next one. When changing a surrounding or our mood, the vision of this "square world" shifts. In the moment of alteration it's incomprehensible and in order to once again fathom the reality, an internal investigation must take place.

There is so much which I don’t understand about peoples and my own behaviours. The are so many aspects which change a personality. So many details that have an impact on our reactions. Through my art I wish to initiate some sort of an order and deeper understand of who I and we are and why so?