Vuja De

A project through which I'd like to inspire and give you a tool, which will act as a reminder to stay focused and motivated towards your goals. You can find more about "Vuja De" via my instagram: @squarednotion.

Choose from 4 different designs which you can order in the form of a poster or t-shirt, depending what suits you best. All you have to do is fill out a form below and send it through our way so that we can get started on your order. 

Look for nuances. 

Vuja De, live the familiar as if you have never lived it before. 

In contrary to the classic term Deja Vu which is the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time Vuja De is about finding nuances in our everyday lives. “See what’s always been there but has gone unnoticed”. Go about your mundane, daunting and repetitive reality feeling as if it has never happened before. As if that routine is something fascinating. Through that lens a possibility opens up, to notice the smallest details of how every single day is so unique. Everyday offers new inspirations and chances for improvement. Through Vuja De the bigger picture plays the main character in ones reality. 

Dominate the infernal mind. Bring attention to the discipline of mind. Staying focused is hard. Being present and in the moment is a challenge. Not giving up when a challenging situation is in the way takes willpower. It’s all an exercise and with time it gets easier. Its a habit one must build. A mind can play many tricks persuading us to not take care of things when we should. It speaks in distractions. Any easy or more entertaining thing on the way seem like an opportunity not to miss. This is of course false. Discipline and focus is a muscle to lean on in situations like this to progress further. 

Compress the internal demon. Another way decline moves is through self talk. I cant do this. I’m not good enough. Its too hard. Maybe later etc. The volume of that voice needs be muted. Envision it as a small, irrelevant character. Someone who isn’t worthy for the judgement to count. Once a chance shows up, set out a plan and remember… this intruder has no significance. There is no art in this action, just logic and persistence. Go down your list. Step 1, step 2, step 3 and complete what you set out to do.

Unfold diverse realities. Lastly, if we want something in/ from life the important question must be asked; “What am I doing towards achieving xyz?” Nothing is impossible, quite the opposite usually what we need is right in front of our face. Usually the case is that we don’t go out there to get it. When we take a step back and analyse our reality it’s black on white; it’s not life that is stoping us from scaling up but ourselves. Look out for chances, for the opportunities around and ways of how improvement can be made. Everyone has better and worse days. It’s a great way of grasping the idea of how we live in diverse realities. One day we wake up and everything seems crapy, on others no matter how one might try nothing and no one can stand in our way.